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Cryptocurrency Screener

Progressive Scalping Tool


What is Scalplist?

Handy cryptocurrency screener for trading and scalping on Binance Futures.
Our app helps traders find entry points to positions.


What do we provide?

Our service provide the following functionality:

  • Spot charts that have their own futures
  • Tools for drawing on charts
  • Level crossing notifications
  • Display highs and lows for the last time
  • Displaying large orders (in the future)
  • Smart algorithm for automatic horizontal level search (in the future)
  • Displaying perspective levels from experts (in the future)
  • Customize graphics design (in the future)



First of all, we strive to make a quality service that reduces the constant routine, and as a result, facilitates trading. We guarantee that we will never make the service fully paid.

Why are we doing this?

We are scalpers and we always wanted to have our own tool, implementing all the functionality for convenient work. Often, the tools used are scattered across different applications/services and it would be convenient to do something to unite them together.

By the way, we wish everyone successful trading))

ScalpList 2024